Bill Egan

Bill Egan

On the surface, Billy Egan was the ideal high school student. He was an AP student and Varsity athlete who was offered several college scholarships, but he was also addicted to cocaine which eventually led to pills and heroin. 

As Billy’s substance abuse issues intensified, his life changed dramatically; the downward spiral cost him his education, his friends, his family and eventually his freedom. He was expelled from two colleges and at one point overdosed. He landed in jail and was left with a choice: prison or Drug Court. Through hard work, sober houses and the structure provided by the Drug Court program, Billy has been living in long term recovery for five years. He is on the Dean’s List at Rutgers University. After graduation, Billy would like to teach teenagers in urban environments or alternative high schools.

Billy has a gift for honest storytelling and uses the hindsight of his experience as a powerful teaching tool. He wants to use what he has learned to instruct young people about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. His message is a message of hope; Billy believes no one is too far from help. With structured support and commitment, anyone can heal, recover and have a fresh start.

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"Inspiring, motivational... all we could expect of a professional!

--Participant, Ohio State University

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