About Us

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At Great American Speakers Bureau (GASB), we are committed to the highest standard of service and integrity. It is our contention that personal and corporate success flows from helping others to achieve success. We believe that adherence to such a principle is the reason why we have become one of the world's leading speakers bureaus. The program consultants at Great American Speakers Bureau offer customized speaker recommendations tailored specifically to your need. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker to set the tone for your entire event, an industry expert for an executive briefing or workshop, a motivational speaker to supercharge a sales force, or a celebrity speaker to kick-off your convention, we can help you find the right speaker for your next event.

Booking the right speaker is a critical component of any successful program. Organizations and speakers are drawn to GASB because they recognize our unmatched attention to meeting their concerns. Our staff understands the importance of having the perfect speaker, timely and appropriate information, and staying within budgets. Being concerned about the smallest details allows us to take special pride in helping ensure that your next event will be a memorable success.

Great American Speakers Bureau is a division of Twenty-First Century Speakers, formed in 1992 in New York City.

Taking Your Burden

Identifying, contacting, negotiating and contracting a speaker for an engagement is a laborious process. Booking and following through with a speaker until the time of the engagement are among the most important endeavors for the success of any program. One must be concerned with securing the appropriate speaker, air and ground travel arrangements, contract details, accommodations, staging requirements, logistics, and innumerable other details. GASB takes on this burden and tension for you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the program.

We care deeply about the quality of our work, and want each speaker's appearance to be a great success. From the moment a speaker is booked until the time of the engagement, GASB is available 24 hours a day, working to assure each and every detail is properly accounted for.

International Resources

Although headquartered in the United States, GASB is a global speakers bureau, with an international network of speakers, agencies, and cooperating organizations. Our client list includes bookings in North, South and Central America, as well as Asia, Europe and Africa. We represent exclusive speakers in these same areas of the world. Whether you need to impress business executives in Europe or appeal to Latin American guests, we can help! 

Any Speaker!

As a full-service speakers bureau with an international network, Great American Speakers Bureau has access to virtually any speaker in the world. We not only enjoy close relationships with the community of speakers worldwide, but also work cooperatively with those bureaus with rosters of exclusive speakers. Rather than contacting diverse agencies to check speaker availability and fees, we provide one constant source of service.

The industry standard is for speaker fees to be set depending on such variables as location and type of presentation desired (keynote address, seminar, etc). Thus, whether a speaker is approached directly or through an agency, generally the same standard fee is charged the client, with the bureau commission coming from the speaker's standard fee, rather than as an add-on. Cooperating bureaus share this commission. Thus, at no extra fee, you can play the field of speakers. 


GASB is an agency built to assist clients looking to book celebrity speakers. GASB does not identify as the exclusive agent representing any talent who appears on this website, nor does it claim to be their publicist, attorney, literary agent, manager, etc. Any written materials associated that appears on this website is provided to assist clients in the process of booking a celebrity talent and is not intended to indicate representation of talent or their attainability for opportunities.