Bobby Gordon

Bobby Gordon

Bobby Gordon is an award-winning advocate for alcohol/other drug education, research, and prevention.  The Right Mix and Beyond Alcohol: The Other Drug Category are programs available to colleges and universities, high schools, community agencies, and professional organizations to help sort fact from fiction in the confusing world of drugs. The focus on alcohol education often clouds research and education about drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, and prescription drugs.

The overwhelming prevalence of alcohol abuse and prevention programs often overshadows important issues associated with the other drug category.   The non-medical use of prescription drugs has drastically increased in recent years, including the abuse of pain killers, mood enhancers, and stimulants for recreational and academic purposes.  Despite an overall reduction in average drug usage rates in the past decade, the use of cocaine, ecstasy, prescription drugs and marijuana is on the rise among first-time users and younger populations.  Use of these drugs is often associated with other illicit drugs like GHB, DXM, meth, and ecstasy-substitutes.  Terms like academic doping have become commonplace in many campuses and schools.

Bobby’s message combines  emerging trends, research, and consequences from credible, current resources.  His established relationships with law enforcement, federal agencies, and community advocacy groups provide a solid foundation for a harm-reduction message.  His presentations are recognized as a fresh perspective on the current state of drug use and abuse.

The world of other drugs relies on myths and unsubstantiated information from questionable sources.  The Right Mix and Beyond Alcohol: The Other Drug Category empowers participants with factual knowledge and information to make better informed decisions.

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Prescription Drug Abuse

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Beyond Alcohol: The Other Drug Category

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“His combination of professionalism, friendliness, flexibility, and wealth of knowledge led to a fantastic event.  One student commented “I liked his program and I think it should be mandatory for all students.” 

--Cordelia Heaney, Director, Tulane University


“Probably the best alcohol/drug program we’ve had in years.” 

--Andrew L., President, Kappa Sigma; Washington State University


“Your words and information really educated me to help our students and sisters.”  

--Steffanie K., Delta Phi Epsilon



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