Jag Randhawa

Jag Randhawa

Jag Randhawa is the award-winning author of "The Bright Idea Box", and he has been credited with creating a wave of bottom-up innovation culture and empowering employees to grow the business. Jag's MASTER Innovation program, a six-step formula for creating a culture of innovation, has been praised by leading business authorities and journals, including Harvard Business Review. Jag is the Founder and President of Idea Employee Labs, a technology and management consulting company, and he teaches companies how systematically to empower, educate, and motivate employees to grow the business. As a twenty-year veteran of the technology industry, Jag can share in his presentations real life stories of building high performance teams, award-winning products, and fostering a culture of innovation. His goal is always to motivate his audiences to lead change in their own companies through innovation and employee empowerment.

Whether you are looking for a speaker for an intimate board room setting or audience of 5000, Jag will have your attendees walk away with energy and action plans to take their company to next level.

Jag is a respected thought leader in the technology industry, and sought after speaker at leadership and technology conferences. Jag's speaks on Innovation, Employee Engagement, Leadership, and the hottest new trend in technology "The Internet of Things.

Employee Engagement and Innovation
Engage Employees, Accelerate Innovation, and Grow the BusinessEmployees are the most important, and perhaps the most expensive, asset of any organization. Are these assets as effective and efficient as they can be? In the age of global competition and shrinking margins, companies are forced to do more with less. To succeed in this environment, companies must build a workforce that is engaged, creative, innovative, and self-motivated. Learn how some of the most innovative companies like Google, Apple, and Starbucks engage their employees in the idea hunt to grow the business.

Innovator’s Mindset
Building Life Skills that Help You See OpportunitiesInnovative thinking is a lifestyle. It is a skill. And above all, it is a skill that can be learned. Ideas are always around us, but we are often not in a state of mind to recognize them. Innovation requires a certain mindset to connect the dots and generate ideas. Just like mastering any other skill, innovative thinking requires building and practicing some basic habits to see opportunities in everyday life. Learn the habits of some of the greatest innovators, from Leonardo Da Vinci to David Kelly, to awaken the innovator inside you.

Culture of Innovation
Create a Culture of Innovation through the Bottom-Up Innovation ProgramYour employees know your business and your customers. Create a platform that will encourage them to generate ideas to satisfy your customers’ needs and grow the business. The Bottom-Up Innovation Program engages employees to go above and beyond to generate ideas that will increase customer satisfaction, create operational efficiencies, and help transform products into what customers want.

Leadership in Tough Times
A Four-Step Guide to Leading and Motivating Employees in Tough Economic TimesTough economic times put leadership skills to the test. Anyone can be a leader when the winds are behind him, but it's always the tough times when people’s true colors come to light. I will share some key principles for leading in tough economic times and how to transform yourself into a business hero. You cannot inspire by demanding “do more with less,” but you will be amazed if you tell employees “I need your help more than ever” and how important their jobs are to the company’s success.

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Innovator's Mindset: 7 Skills of Highly Effective Innovators

Future of Technology and Business

Leadership in Tough Times 

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