Jeff Yalden

Jeff is renowned for his work with teen mental health – teen suicide prevention and intervention, teen depression, teen suicide training, teen mental health, and helping school communities move forward after the death by suicide of one of their students.  If you are looking for a Teen Suicide Expert or Suicide Prevention Specialist that focuses on teens and mental health, look no further.  Let Jeff Yalden come and train your teachers and share his theory on today’s teen suicide epidemic.

Also, consider having Jeff train your staff – Suicide Prevention Training Online Courses for Teachers and Staff.

When a school community suffers a death by suicide of one of its teens, the school community knows that Jeff Yalden will answer prayers and make sense to parents about the speed of hurt for today’s teens.  Jeff also is candid and appeals to teens helping them understand that suicide is not a solution – ever!  Jeff relates to teens in a way mental health professionals can’t.  They understand Jeff and Jeff understands them because Jeff has been there.

Hospitalized twice – Age 16 and 21 with feelings of suicide and adjustment disorder, Jeff had to figure things out.  This is the age where Jeff and his message come from to where he is now.  A riveting story of life and a search for meaning.

We are Not Crazy!

Understand the stigma of mental health and you’ll have a clear perception of how people look at you.  Mental Health does not define us, but how we act and how we deal with mental health is what defines us as people.  Jeff Yalden shares his story of 25 years of counseling and anger management.  Jeff challenges his audiences to know that we all battle mental health issues in everyday life.  You’ll be inspired by how simple Jeff takes mental health and turns it in to a life of gratitude and fulfillment.  Dealing with mental health himself has taught him many lessons in life and those lessons, the wisdom, and experiences, Jeff shares with his audiences.

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Client Feedback

“You were able to begin with someone crying tears of laughter, and the second later have someone cry with emotion.  I think that may be one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed.”
– K. Harper, PA

“Veteran staff members indicated that you were the best assembly program that they had witnessed in their careers. Students told me that they were going to use your thoughts in their college essays. Others wanted you as our graduation speaker. I personally was moved by your thoughts.”
– J. Okulski, Principal, Garden City HS, Garden City, NY

“Your presentation today, in the words of our students,”‘awesome’! In the fifteen years of bringing speakers to Warwick High School, this was the first time anyone has received a standing ovation from the students.”
– C. Schmitt, Guidance, Warwick HS, Warwick, NY


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