Jo Ann Pina

Jo Ann Pina

Dr. Jo is an ethnically diverse speaker who truly excels in cross-cultural communication. Dr. Jo is the daughter of a migrant worker, a first-generation Hispanic and the only Latina PhD in the National Speakers Association. Born and reared in Texas during the Civil Rights movement, she is the only one of four children to survive childhood.

As a result of her cultural heritage and the challenges she experienced in her early life and later in her career, she has focused her research, book, articles and training seminars on bridging the communications gap among Anglo Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and women to increase understanding, cooperation, success and productivity.

As a teenager in San Antonio , Dr. Jo challenged the administration of a private girls′ school to reverse her assignment to classes well below her achievement level ?clearly a racially motivated policy. Dr. Jo relates her experience with the Sisters of Incarnate Word in the first chapter of her book, Getting Across…Your Message, Your Ideas, Your Meaning.

Barely 18 and reeling from her mother′s death, she applied for a summer job to earn tuition money for fall classes. Her first interview with a finance company required a placement test. Imagine her surprise when the office manager stopped her before she completed the math section, informing her that "Time′s up." He′d never mentioned it was a timed test. When she challenged him, he simply said, “You failed the test, and taking it over won′t improve your score.”

“How can I fail a simple arithmetic test when I′ve passed college calculus and physics?” she asked. He ignored her and walked away. It didn′t take Dr. Jo long to realize she′d just experienced her first episode of job discrimination. Dr. Jo′s extensive experience is literally a “who′s who” in the industry. She is listed in “Who′s Who” in American Universities, serves on the Board of Directors of both the National Speakers Association′s Los Angeles Chapter and Growth Strategies, Inc., and was a fellow with the National Hispanic Leadership Institute.

Dr Jo is a former professor and counselor at Montgomery College and corporate trainer for Anthony Robbins. She′s currently on the graduate faculty at Johns Hopkins University . She earned her PhD at the American University in Washington , DC , and her MA at Hood College . Dr. Jo is a certified Myers-Briggs trainer, a mediator and an executive communications coach. She is the innovator of the F.A.S.T. approach to success. And Dr. Jo has the only values-based model for understanding cross-cultural communication. Dr. Jo relocated to the West Coast to be closer to her daughters and grandsons.

Dr. Jo, through her seminars, keynotes and consulting, assists leaders, employees and business owners in grasping that all communication is culturally influenced. She works with organizations and companies to develop effective and culturally competent leaders who gain the ability to: understand that communicating across different cultures requires the skill to discern what different things mean to people from contrast cultures.

Once leaders understand their own as well as another person′s values, they can more quickly pinpoint and decode communication subtleties and establish rapport. This is extremely important in today′s multicultural business world, where people use the same words but often mean different things. As a consequence, people often fail to communicate and are unsuccessful in penetrating a cultural market. In short, Dr. Jo reveals the secrets of how you and your leaders can create teams whose members pull in the same direction to achieve desired results. In the process, morale rises, effectiveness and profits increase, and, best of all, you, as the leader, become a hero.

In the process, morale rises, effectiveness and profits increase and, best of all, you as the leader become a hero.You increase your power, your influence and your company′s bottom line and profits.

Dr. Jo′s Most Popular Programs:

Harness Your Share of the Huge Multicultural Market

Companies and entrepreneurs often miss market penetration because of the failure to understand the target group′s cultural values and customs. Stop losing your share of the huge 2 trillion dollar multicultural market! Getting your share requires more than translating your English materials into Spanish or re-shooting your ad or commercial with diverse talent. It demands really crafting and framing your message specifically for your target cultural market.

Guess Who′s Coming To Business?

As the multicultural population in the US explodes, so does the market potential and multicultural workforce. Dr. Jo brilliantly bridges the communication gap among Anglo Americans, Hispanics and Asian Pacific Americans. Cultural, ethnic and gender programming often gives words and actions completely different meaning to people of diverse backgrounds. In today′s multicultural, multiethnic, dual-gender work environment, we may all be speaking the same language, but we certainly are not communicating. Understanding the cultural values and customs of other cultures is essential in order to penetrate a cultural market and to reach your multicultural customers and co-workers.

Getting Across...Your Message, Your Ideas, Your Meaning

Hispanics are now the largest minority group in America. Dr. Jo can guide you and your staff to understand Hispanic/Latino values to better influence and motivate your Hispanic co-workers and customers. By understanding Latino cultural values, you will discover what drives behavior such as communication style and spending behavior to better capture your share of the surging $650 billion dollar Hispanic/Latino spending market.

Under-The-Table Rules: Unwritten Corporate Secrets Every Leader Must Know

Find out in this entertaining session, corporate secrets that every leader must know those unspoken, unwritten corporate norms that can derail your career or propel it forward. A corporation′s unwritten rules are influence by the founder′s and executive leaders cultural and ethnic values. Often these unspoken rules contrast with the values and beliefs of people from different cultures. Accelerate your leadership ascent by uncovering your company′s unwritten, under-the-table-rules.

Leadership: Developing the Leaders Around You

Mentoring minority and female leaders ensures retention and organizational Strength. Dr. Jo′s program assists your employees reach their full potential. She also works with the mentors to develop their cultural competency.

Situational Leadership in These Turbulent Times

Turbulent times often create crisis and crisis respond best to situational specific leadership. In this popular seminar, you′ll characterize followership and leadership, examine your leadership inclinations and apply leadership principles to your own work situations.


In this highly informative session, Dr. Jo shares with you those unspoken, unwritten corporate norms uncovered during research with over 250 corporate executives. Discover those corporate secrets that you must know to keep your career on trackespecially your company′s under-the-table-rules.

Developing the Leader in You

Getting the job done in today′s workplace means taking your turn as a leader. Be prepared by examining your leadership inclinations and enhancing the leader in you.


East Meets West: Asian Pacific Communication Style in the WorkplaceValues differ from culture to culture. Discover how Asian Pacific values drive behavior and influence communication styles in the workplace. Learn how to motivate and influence your Asian Pacific American employees.


Stand Up and Be the Boardroom

This popular session shows how, by simply switching conversation styles, men and women can more clearly understand each other. In this stimulating, interactive session, find how different conversation styles can affect your credibility, career and advancement. You′ll gain the confidence to be taken seriously and soar.

Getting Across Your Message To Your Hispanic Customers And Co-Workers

What one culture understands and values may surprise, confuse or even shock another culture! In this interactive, role-playing session, you′ll discover how Hispanic values drive behavior and influence communication styles in the workplace. You′ll also learn how to motivate and influence your Hispanic co-workers and employees. And you will discover keys to reaching your Hispanic customers.

Cultural Diversity

Diversity Awareness: Understanding Your Customers and Employees

Cultural and ethnic diversity is challenging the way we do business in the United States. Your company′s success may depend on its ability to compete for and retain today′s multicultural work force. In Dr. Jo′s interactive workshop, you will learn tools and mental models to help you appreciate and understand your customers and employees who are members of contrast cultures.

Developing Culturally Competent Leaders

Cross-cultural misunderstandings are at the core of many complaints and grievances. Avoid the hassles created by employee complaints and grievances by developing your ability to recognize a culture′s core values and understand the corresponding behavior. Furthermore, learn tips that enhance your ability to influence your diverse workforce.

Profiting From Your Hispanic Employees and Customers

Hispanic Americans are the fastest growing minority group in the United States. Learn how to motivate your Hispanic employees and profit from the barely tapped Hispanic market.

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Under-The-Table Rules: Unwritten Corporate Secrets Every Leader Must Know

Leadership: Developing the Leaders Around You

Developing the Leader in You

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"You are great at what you do. Your 2-day investment in consulting has translated to us focusing on what really counts in the years to come. And you successfully got all major stakeholders to the table to negotiate a resolution, something no one else had been able to do, even the previous consultant."

--Carlos Mendoza, District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)


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