Katie Elfering

Katie Elfering

Katie Elfering is Iconoculture’s go-to source on millennials; all things social, from media to real-world engagement; general pop culture; the wide web of e-retail; and mobile mainstreaming. A freelance journalist, rogue pop blogger, and self-proclaimed “bad TV junkie/celeb gossip fiend,” Katie helps clients make the shift from generational targeting to more nuanced and niche segments like lifestage and lifestyle; provides insights on the distinction between big ideas like personalization/customization and cooperation/competition; and offers real-time, in-the-moment information on the ever-changing world of millennials.

Prior to joining Iconoculture in 2007, Katie managed marketing communications for an educational technology company and has managed public relations for a diverse portfolio of advertising, architecture, and event planning accounts that include brands such as H&R Block, 3M, University of Minnesota, Alberto Culver, and PLATO Learning.

Katie holds a BA in English/print journalism from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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Branding to the GenC

Socia Media and our Future  

Communicating with the Generation Pop

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"Fantastic. Exceptional.  A perfect kick off speaker for our convention on Branding."

--Meeting Executive, Google


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