Shadia Hrichi

Shadia Hrichi

Inspired by the notion that before we are born, God calls us each by name, Shadia Hrichi founded Beautiful Voice Ministries. “Because of my unusual name, I was frequently ridiculed as a child. In response, my mother would reassure me, ‘Your name is beautiful! It means Singing Birds!’ ‘More like screeching owls,’ my friends would tease. I always thought the meaning of my name was ironic considering the undeniable fact I have no musical ability. However, soon after I began publicly sharing my story, I discovered my name has another meaning: Beautiful Voice!”

Shadia Hrichi passionately shares her testimony at churches, recovery groups, pro-life fundraisers, and other events. She has written a book about her personal experience with abortion recovery entitled, Nameless No More. Hrichi serves as a speaker and counselor at her local pregnancy center, is a graduate student at Western Seminary, leads women’s bible studies, publishes a thought-provoking devotional called “Moments With God,” and never tires of declaring God’s message of hope, redemption and forgiveness. Hrichi speaks on a variety of topics, always encouraging and challenging others to embrace the plan and purpose God has for each one of us. Hrichi was born in New York City, holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, and has lived in New York, Las Vegas, and Morocco.

Hrichi currently resides in San Jose, CA, where she is enrolled in Western Seminary’s Masters Program in Ministry and Leadership, is an active member of Venture Christian Church, raises funds and awareness for her local Christ-centered Pregnancy Center, is a member of Operation Outcry, A Cry Without A Voice, and 40-Days for Life.

"Who would name their child “Nameless?” I did. As a scared, pregnant 15-year old girl, I believed my child was nothing but a lifeless mass. The nightmare of my abortion experience left me suicidal, withdrawn and incapable of fully loving another human being. Twenty-five years later, I came face-to-face with a scar hidden so deep, it would take a miracle to bring it to the surface…"

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Nameless No More: A Journey of Healing After Abortion
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“One of the best post-abortion personal stories I’ve read and I’ve read a lot of them.” 

–Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life/Co-Founder of Silent No More


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