Stephanie Shott

Stephanie Shott

Stephanie Shott was born as a result of rape. She moves audiences to tears every time she describes her life story. Stephanie Shott is an author, speaker and ministry leader who leads women to live full, fearless and faithful lives. With a contagious passion for God and His Word, Shott makes every message an adventure and with Indiana-Jones-like style, she takes her audiences with her. For over 20 years, her messages have inspired women from all over the world.

It was 1962. Abortion wasn’t legal but it was still dangerously available in back alleys and dim rooms where women risked their lives to end the life within.

Nineteen-year-old Faye was on what she planned to be her final date with her controlling and intimidating boyfriend. When she told him it was over, things became violent. Rejection wasn’t something he was willing to accept and so his rage turned into a brutal rape.

Faye’s hopes to end a terribly bad relationship turned into the beginning of something much worse. For nine months she carried the constant reminder of that horrific event within her. It was me. I was the reminder. Not just an unplanned pregnancy but a woman’s worst nightmare.

My birth-mom was faced with the pressure to end the life that was conceived so violently. But she understood that a life is a life, regardless of how it began…that while there may be accidental parents there are no accidental people.

She started looking into adoption. How it worked. What she needed to do. And then it happened…It was one of those situations in which a friend knew someone who worked with a woman whose daughter was pregnant and wanted to give the baby up for adoption.

 I entered the world with no first name. Just “Baby Salvatore.” But four days later I left the hospital as Stephanie Tyler in the arms of two wonderful parents who would forever more be known to me as Mom and Dad.

I was blessed with two wonderful parents who loved me as their own, but from the age of 3 until about the age of 12 my concept of life and love became skewed and shattered as I was repeatedly molested and raped by two different people in my family. Beaten, abused and broken by those who I should have been able to trust. I was a messed up little girl who never really knew what it was like to be a little girl.

My teen years were lived on the wild side. Sexual abuse has a tendency to not only steal a girls innocence by leave her feeling worthless, unloved and unloveable…and so, I was pregnant at 17. Then married and divorced and a single mom by the age of 19. Another quick marriage and divorce became part of my story as I spent the next five years looking for love in all the wrong places.

It was in ‘all the wrong places’ that I met my husband, Donald. He was the drummer in the band and our lifestyle was a reflection of the whole rock and roll band scene.

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"Listening to her speak is like sitting down and having coffee with a close friend as she pours her heart into yours. She's a captivating speaker who gives you insights you would have never thought of." 

-- Carmela/Jacksonville


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